A forgetful Dungeon Master has to figure out their way through a TTRPG session. Visual novel assignment for Game Studio 1 at NYU's Game Center.


Sounds sourced from https://freesound.org/ . Users: ddmyzik (Bells), mrauralization (Dice), netpunk (Rollplayer sounds), donalcady (Quiet Planner sounds), thanvannispen (Edgy Boi sounds), mrrap4food (Combat Song), vital sounds (Walking on gravel), klankbeeld (Forest ambience), julius galla (Branchs breaking), gagacelik (Campfire ambience), brsjak (Dragon wings flapping), ogsoundfix (Town ambience), drminky (Dugeon ambience), soonas (Door opening), bevibeldesign (Dragon roar)


Watercolor filters using: https://photofunia.com/categories/drawings/watercolor

Bakgrounds made in TaleSpire: https://talespire.com/

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