A downloadable expedition for Windows and macOS

You are the Clepsydra a deep space probe that uses anti-matter winds to explore the universe. You wake up from hibernation when you get close to your most recent target a massive black hole. Your task: explore beyond the event horizon, find what lies where light can't escape and record it for posterity.

Game in development

The game right now consists of the initial tutorial that will onboard the player on how the sailing probe works and a few islands with some stories to uncover.

Currently, the build supports Gamepad and Keyboard. Mac and Windows.

Recommended Play: Keyboard and mouse with headphones

Additional Credits


Daniel Lowry

Additional Writing

Beau McGhee


half-billion-knots-mac-universal.zip 88 MB
Version 1.0.23 May 11, 2022
half-billion-knots-windows-x86.zip 73 MB
Version 1.0.23 May 11, 2022


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nice write


This really reminds me of the Pixar animated short La Luna - really cool visuals (I got chills from the title screen). Great work!

Thanks for playing! Is really nice to hear people enjoying the very much not finished game. Also, thanks for the reference seems like a really cool short!